Draw pictures of these Super Soft Meech fabric

Your kids can create their puppet theater all by themselves.

Here is what they would need though

Ok. I’ll be the first to admit that this puppet theater is nowhere near these kids puppet theaters but this homemade puppet theater is cheap to make. Your kids would be occupied for quite some time just making their puppets. Ideal if you are on a tight budget with a bunch of kids that need to be kept out of mischief.


We will make finger puppets for this theater as these are the easiest to make.

My 6 year old kid thought up this puppet design all by himself. He used colored paper, wrapped loosely around a finger. He taped the the paper shut, loose enough so he could put on or take off the puppets as he wished. Then he drew a face on the tip of the puppet. His elder brother liked that design and helped him make a variety of such finger puppets with different colors and different expressions.

The puppets I had initially taught them to make required much more work. Here’s how you can make some simple puppets.

1. Decide on the story line, the characters and what puppets are needed for the show.

2. Draw pictures of these Super Soft Meech fabric characters on stiff white cardboard. Each picture has to be just big enough to cover 1 finger.

3. Color the pictures.

4. Cut out these pictures.

5. Cut a white strip of cardboard about half an inch thick, 1 and a half inches long. This is going to be like a ring around the child’s finger, attached to the puppet so that your kid can make the puppet move around.

6. Form a circle with the white strip.

7. Glue this circle behind the picture so that a finger can go through it to support the puppet.

8. Let the glue dry completely and you have your finger puppets.

Once you have enough puppets, you can make the theater.

Drape the table cloth over the table, so that the front and sides are completely covered, but the back of the table is fully exposed.

That covered table is the puppet theater.

The children can hide behind the theater, put on the finger puppets on their fingers, lift their hands over their heads to perform the puppet show.

Be attentive when your kids perform their puppet show for you. Your attention means a lot to them.

Shiny Spendex Satin fabric Wholesalers The environment

Cloth diapers are making a strong comeback. Shiny Spendex Satin fabric Wholesalers The environment is becoming a much stronger focus in today’s society, thus causing people to rethink how they do things. Have you rethought the processes in your life and how they affect the environment?

Today’s economy is much different than the past. This is another factor people consider in their day to day lives. Has it made a difference in yours? Cloth diapering can save a great deal of money over the years, especially for families with more than one child.

Have you ever considered the fact that using Gerber Cloth Diapers has the potential to save you more than two thousand five hundred disposable diapers each year per child? That can make a huge difference in month to month expenses. How much money do you currently spend on disposable diapers per week? Now multiply that number by fifty two and you will find how much you spend in a year on diapers. You might be surprised at how much money you can save by switching to cloth. If you really do the math, there is a good chance that you will at least consider the option.

Disposable diapers are anything but natural. They are filled with chemicals, bleaches and plastic. Those chemicals and bleaches are in contact with your baby’s skin at all hours of the day and night. How healthy can that be for your baby? Cloth diapers are a viable alternative.

As far as purity is concerned, Gerber cloth diapers are created from one hundred percent cotton tightly twisted and woven together. Don’t you want to be confident and know exactly what is protecting your baby’s bottom. Does your baby deserve anything less?

While we are talking about axing the chemicals; give soap nuts natural laundry detergent a try. It is becoming quite popular as one of the best laundry detergents for removing the smells from cloth diapers. The best thing about them is that they are totally natural. They grow on trees in Southern Asian countries, and have no added chemicals or preservatives to irritate your baby’s skin. They are very good for the environment as well.

On the note of the environment; cloth diapers help out the environment. If you take away more than two thousand five hundred disposable diapers every year from going into our landfills, there are many less landfills that will get filled, thus reducing the pollution a great deal. Imagine how much that would add up if you had two or three kids. How if ten or twenty families changed over to cloth diapering.

The diapers can also be washed in the washing machine.. The old days of washing poopy diapers in the sink are over. The tight woven fabric will last frequent washes for many years to come.

The benefits of using cloth diapers for your kids are undeniable. You save money; you expose your children to less chemicals; and you do your part in helping the environment. Are you convinced? Will you switch to cloth diapers?

keep Crepe Chiffon fabric Manufacturers the camera completely still

Many people claim to be into photography but what many do not realise is that being a photographer is more than just owning a camera. Once you have decided to pursue you passion in taking pictures you need to be prepared. You need the right equipment to be able to produce the best results. There are specific equipment that will help you deal with different situations and you need to be ready with everything so here are 7 items that every photographer’s bag should have all the time:

1. Memory. This is probably the biggest mistake you can make because when you run out of memory in the middle of a shoot, you may be forced to delete some pictures previously taken, or stop shooting altogether. To avoid this, always make sure to pack extra memory in your bag, just in case you get too overwhelmed during one shoot and could not stop yourself from taking great pictures.

2. Lens Cloth. Smudging your lens is a common thing and while you may think that it is just alright to use any kind of cloth, you may damage you lens by using just any kind of cloth. Always make sure to pack a microfiber lens cloth with you, all the time; because dirty lenses can easily ruin your pictures. Store your lens cloth in a small plastic bag so that it does not get any grit that can damage your lens, and make sure to pack it with you all the time.

3. Battery. Spare batteries are also very essential because when you run out of battery, especially when you are trying to capture something important, then you have no choice but to just miss the opportunity. Some cameras needs simple AA batteries and that is great because all you have to do is to pack some extra AA batteries with you, and that is not expensive. However, if you have specialised batteries, you need to make sure to invest on extra batteries, so you can keep on shooting even after your fist or second battery runs out.

4. Filters. In professional photography, you will need to make use of different kinds of filters. First of all, you need UV filter to protect your lenses from the harsh rays of the sun. This kind of filter will also help your camera to record different colours more accurately. Another kind of filter to consider is the circular polarising filter that will help your get more accurate images of the sky and the water.

5. Tripod. This equipment is important to keep your camera steady. It is not easy to be lugging a huge camera around all the time and using a tripod will help you take more pictures and at the same time, keep Crepe Chiffon fabric Manufacturers the camera completely still. You do not know what big a difference using a tripod can do to your photos especially when you are dealing with blurry photos and clear ones.

6. Flashlight. Flashlights can produce good effect for the photos you take; and since you will never know when you might need extra light, then it is always nice to have some extra light ready and waiting.

7. Plastic Bag. This might be making your eyebrows raise, but having some plastic bags in your camera bag will truly be helpful. This will save you, should it suddenly rain and you quickly need something to protect your gear; and it will also be helpful if you need to take photographs in damp and misty environment.

It takes so much more than just knowing how to take photos to be a professional. Be the best you can be, when you have the right equipment all the time.

Sometimes just moving Koshibo fabric

Believe it or not, there is an art to burping baby. I always thought it was simple: throw him/her over your shoulder, pat their back, and out would come a burp. Simple enough, right? Wrong! Burping is a technique that must be learned; otherwise a frustrated parent could spend all day working up that one little burp. With such a small belly, one little air bubble can cause intense discomfort.

My first child was labeled ?colicky? while my second was dubbed ?hard to burp? by the hospital staff. Between these two, I have learned a few tricks of the trade that I would like to share with other new parents and hopefully prevent some tear-shed (on the parents? part, that is).

The Classic Over The Shoulder Position

This is probably the most common method, but can also be the most difficult to produce results. I recently discovered the trick to this position. Place your baby so that his upper belly is against your collarbone. Apply slight pressure with your collarbone while patting his back, or use the heel of your hand to gently rub circles on his back. Be sure to throw a burp cloth over your shoulder to catch any spills!

The Lap Method

Although awkward at first, it is easier to position baby correctly with this method. Sit baby up on your lap. Holding him with one hand against the front of his body, lean him forward slightly. Place the heel of your hand under his ribcage and apply slight pressure. If he is still too young to hold his head up on his own, you will need to support his chin with your fingers. Again, pat his back or rub circles with your free hand. This position is very good for babies that spit-up frequently. Simply place a burp cloth between your hand and baby’s chest, then flip the cloth over the back of your hand.

The ?Old-School? Method

My aunt recently showed me this method, which I had never seen before. Hold baby in your lap just as you would for the previous method, but bend him further forward at the waist. As you pat or rub your baby’s back, slowly and gently rotate his body 360 degrees from the waist, much like he was doing a stretching exercise. Try to imagine doing a pre-aerobic warm-up: bend at the waist and stretch forward, then roll around to the right, continue rolling until you are leaning backwards, then roll to the left and front again. Repeat. If he shows any resistance, try another method. This is definitely the trickiest to maneuver, especially if baby is not yet holding his head up on his own, but has amazing results.

Watching my aunt’s demonstration, I chuckled under my breath, not being able to envision how this could possibly cause my son to burp. After only a few seconds, he let out a belch that would have made his ex-Marine father proud. Never underestimate your elders!

If All Else Fails

This particular method may not actually produce a burp, but, if none of the other positions do the trick and baby is still fussy, try laying him/her on your lap and gently rub circles on baby’s back with the heel of your hand. This seems to relieve some of the pressure off his belly and is recommended particularly for colicky babies. Many parents also use this method to relax baby and help him fall asleep.

Some babies can only be burped in a specific position; others can be easily burped with any method. If you do not have success with a particular position, try another one. Sometimes just moving Koshibo fabric them from one position to another seems to work out that burp. I can spend half an hour trying to burp my son with no success, then simply lift him up high into the air, and he’ll burp all by himself.